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We create platforms, systems
and facilitation approaches to empower community knowledge creation and collaboration.

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Who We Are

For almost ten years, we have partnered with communities, government, schools, universities and private industry to develop and deliver learning systems, facilitation and technology platforms for organizational building, knowledge creation and collaboration.

oneLouder has been around since 2011 and seeks to operate at the conceptual hinge point between contemporary, inclusive and evidence-driven curriculum, facilitation & pedagogy, and the innovative, technically complex landscape enabled by networked devices. oneLouder emphasizes a design approach that fosters creativity and agency on the part of the learner, service and best practice from the perspective of technology design, and harmony and integration in regard to our partnerships with our clients, aimed at a positive and sustainable collective impact on both educator and learner.

What We Do

We work with clients to create effective and impactful learning systems and knowledge collaboration platforms.

We aim to deliver platforms and innovative facilitation approaches built upon the best possible evidence. From critical pedagogy to UDL to participatory design, we work to find harmony between people and technology, delivering systems designed at their core to enhance and enable Communities of Practice.

Dashi Community/Nonprofit Platform

Dashi is our flagship Nonprofit and CoP (Community of Practice) Platform, designed around an extensive review of organizational technical capacities, sectoral priorities and organizational learning needs at community and nonprofit organizations. Dashi helps to bring your strategic planning in line with your project planning, knowledge management, project reporting, strategic communications, and strategic finanacial frameworks and helps to make all of your community data available to stakeholders via custom dashboards.

Curriculum/Program Design

From K-12 to community-centric adult education in both official languages, our consultants have decades of experience designing around the most critical and contemporary pedagogical constructs, incorporating participatory design, skills and competencies, and inquiry based learning in the design of our programs and solutions.
We have expertise in educational framework and curriculum alignment, facilitated professional development experiences, and deployment of innovative technical solutions to empower communities of practice.

EoViz Data and Science Platform

Interaction with rich data sources from a variety of media enables authentic engagement with a community’s knowledge through multiple ways of knowing. We design custom dashboards and other data visualization tools to meet your community's data needs, enabling inquiry, knowledge synthesis, and action.
EoViz is our Data and Science Collaboration Platform. It's been designed over two decades of thinking about how best to bring people, data, research assets, collaborative partnerships and the Internet of Things (IoT) together using an online platform for communities of practice engaged in shared scientific inquiry.

Facilitated Popular Education and Strategic Planning

Informed by several decades of progressive experience and education in K-12 pedagogy and curriculum, and in post-secondary, adult and community education sectors, our consultants apply best practices in the design of learning experiences and facilitated group work, tailored to meet your community of practice’s professional development and strategic planning needs. We design facilitated custom workshops to build capacity, support collaboration and transform practice, including, but certainly not limited to: STEM, SOAR-based strategic planning, climate change and sustainability adaptation education, inquiry-based learning using digital tools, and citizen science. Contact us to discuss your idea.

Networking and Collaboration

Understanding where best to put your collaboration efforts can help your team avoid wasted energy and poorly spent social capital. Our custom platforms and our flagship products, Dashi and EoViz, are designed to empower your staff and communities to work more closely and effectively, and have more comprehensible impacts, by leveraging evidence-driven approaches to online collaboration, shared creativity and network/digital asset mapping. Users can find new and unique ways in which their data are interwoven and connected with their own organizational story - often better leveraging existing knowledge systems and larger strategic narratives.

Competency Frameworks

As learners increasingly look to integrate their education efforts into their professional and personal presence online, Frameworks for Qualification and Competency Frameworks enable us to share a common language, clarifying goal setting, strengthening asset and needs analysis, and better defining educational objectives, development programming and training needs.
At oneLouder, we have significant experience working to build programs, systems and platforms that play well with others, routinely designing to various sets of standards and technical/guild/trade knowledge complinace guidelines as well as newly emerging, responsive and innovative competencies frameworks.

Featured Work

Here is a snapshot of our more recent work - have a quick look and let us know if you'd like to chat.

Community Learning Platform

Partnership with Canada Research Chair in Translocal Learning

Project Link

Working with Canada Research Chair Dr J. Langdon, and several national stakeholders, we designed and built Translocal Learning as a platform for collaboration and for sharing learning resources and knowledge as a functional component of the CRC Trans Local Learning project.
We also assembled and successfully tested a portable and easy to use rig for free, rapid and accessible livecasting which has been used by several groups partnering with the CRC Project to webcast key community events.

Community Learning Platform

Social Justice Web Radio Platform

Project Link

SJR is a custom podcasting and onliine radio platform, built as part of an ongoing partnership with StFX Development Studies. This project also included custom technical learning programming for students new to the project.

oneLouder Labs

Learn more about EoViz, Dashi and the COPr Framework

oneLouder Labs is where we maintain our three main concepts and codebases - Dashi, EoViz and our communities of practice systems development framework COPr. It's also where we combine technology, adult education, creativity, pedagogy and participatory practices to workshop new facilitation ideas that are often interwoven into our platforms.

Community Platform

Dashi - Nonprofit Organizational Management Platform

What happens when you spend 20 years obsessing over how to design and build the best possible platforms for strategic planning, online knowledge management, collaboration, critical digital creativity, social media management and stakeholder reporting and enegagement in the nonprofit and community development sector?
Meet Dashi - a web-based tool for nonprofit data and knowledge management, dashboarding/reporting and strategic thinking and planning.

Data and Distributed Science Platform

EoViz - Data Visualization and Collaboration Platform

EoViz puts a powerful toolbox in the hands of communities of practice and inquiry, distributed teams of data scientists and online collaborations between anyone exploring the power of scientific data and community. Whether you're comparing a number of public data sets, aggregating and sharing data from field sensors, or preparing datasets for an annual report, EoViz is the only platform designed and built for this purpose.

eLearning Development

Government, Third Level, K-12 STEM and French/English Curriculum

Our consultants have been doing eLearning design and development since the start. Their protfolios include experience developing platforms, courses, curricula, materials and media for clients from across the spectrum - the UN and EU, The Government of Canada, national advisory bodies, national NGOs and second and third level institutes and community organizations from throughout Atlantic Canada.

Contact Us

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